Material Information

This is a very affordable photography material. The vinyl material will slightly affect the shooting effect due to the crease of transportation. This requires the buyer to use a low temperature iron to remove the crease.

Our poly is very thick, And have very good color. It is thicker and of better quality than the ones on the market, and comes with pocket that can be hung on stand

This is a very perfect background material for photography. It can be washed in the washing machine. Can be ironed with a steam iron. It does not crease. Can be reused outdoors.

If you have enough budget, it is recommended to buy Poly material.


  • Soft and comfortable to touch, 100% glare free and easy to hang.
  • can be folded without creases, easy to carry.
  • The pattern is realistic, and the stereo sense is strong.
  • Both washer and dryer safe. So cleaning would be easy.
  • It is suitable for birthday party, baby shower, wedding, family photography and so on.

    So our product will be your best choice compared with the background cloth of other materials on the market!

    Features:   Backdrops can be folded and ironed, save room for storage. Both washer and dryer safe. So cleaning would be easy. Our backdrops with vivid printed images is sure to impress and the weight & quality would must be what you are looking for.

    How to hang:There is a 8cm pocket sewn on the top for our backdrops . It’s very convenient for you to hang the backdrop. (If you want the pocket, please leave a remark when you place the order. You can also leave your special requests for your order.)

    About custom:

    We can offer personalized customized backdrop with no extra charge. if you need any custom (size, picture, wording), please no hesitate to contact us at any time before you buying! The customized backdrop will be shipped to you about 5~9 working days by expedited express.  

    Dear Customers:

    If you more about the materials, please no hesitate to click our email to contact us.


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