Return & Refund Policy

1.We haven't made your order yet

We will process your order in 24 hours after your order is placed. If you want to cancel your order, please contact us to request cancellation via within 6 hours after your order is placed. We will try to satisfy your requests.

2.Your order is already in process

However, if the product you ordered is already in production, the refund will be deducted an additional 25% of the order value, and if the product you ordered has been produced and shipped, in addition to the 25% deduction of the order value, the shipping fee will be deducted.

3.Your order has been made and shipped

If the items you ordered arrive with production defects or those that have been damaged during packing and transit, please contact us to get the items reissued, or returned for a refund.

Depending on the concern, our team may request photos of the item(s) you received. We need these photos to ensure that our team can best evaluate the issue(s) and determine the optimal solution for you. In order to ensure that we are able to resolve your concern to your satisfaction and as promptly as possible, please send the photos:

A photo that clearly shows the items you received.
A photo of the larger area where the problem is located for easy identification.
A photo of the label that affixed to the package.

Received the wrong product?

Solution:Contact us and get a reasonable compensation.

We generally do not accept returns and our policy is to re-ship to you free of charge:
We will resend you the backdrop of the same material and size. Product styles can be changed, and you can change it to the style you like. You can also pay the difference to get larger sizes, or better materials. This is free reshipment.

If a return is necessary, regarding return shipping costs:

Customer is responsible for associated shipping costs unless products are defective, wrong.

Attention!Please be sure photos submitted are not blurry or obscured. Providing quality photos will help us resolve your issue as promptly and efficiently as possible. Please contact us within 3 days after your order is delivered.

If don't leave a message when placing an order, we will not add pockets or groomets by default.

If you order the wrong item(wrong size, wrong pattern, or not our fault), we cannot return or replace your order.

If there is no damage to the items when you receive them, we do not accept any returns.

If your order has a problem, contact us by emai or through the contact page. DO NOT ship back products without authorization through the return process. We can resolve all issues with you quickly and with personal attention.


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